Sunday, June 12, 2005

twill release

(Repost, via the socal-piggies blogger stuff:)

twill 0.7.1

Coooooome and get it! Announcement, docs, download.

This is basically a bug-fix version with about 15 different minor
fixes. Several users requested things like HTTP basic auth handling
and file uploads, and I patched several bugs in the underlying
packages (urllib etc.) Internal ugliness was fixed or augmented,
depending on whether or not I was dealing with forms, which is
inherently ugly code.

Once I've got all the desired features in there, I can start cleaning
up the internal code; right now I'm focused more on testing what's
there (which will make cleanup easier!) I've also gotta figure out
a way to do meaningful unit tests. That's for v0.8.

For the summer, I will be gone. I predict I will not be working on twill
until I get back in late August...